Stray bullets keep flying in rural Johnson County — new measure would fine reckless shooters up to $1,000

Johnson County Commissioners are set to vote on a measure that would impose up to a $1,000 fine for someone deemed to have shot recklessly onto or over another's property. The sheriff's office says they've investigated at least 22 complaints of stray bullets hitting homes and vehicles in unincorporated parts of southern Johnson County over the past two years. Above, a diagram presented by the sheriff's office to the county commission showing where four bullets entered one home, with one bullet ultimately landing in a child's play room. Image via Board of County Commissioners.

Education and brochures haven’t reduced the number of stray bullets flying in parts of rural Johnson County.

Now law enforcement, the county commission and its legal department are considering a measure that will make firing bullets onto or over property without permission a code violation that could carry a maximum $1,000 fine.