Blue Valley School Buzz: We are still the one

Nestled in the heart of southern Kansas City is a place not found on a map. It is not a city, a township or a village, but say the name to anyone in the area and they’ll know exactly where to find it. For those who know it well, this place lives in the identity of local businesses, in school names, on street signs and in the hearts of the people. It is a community, an identity, and a culture. It is Blue Valley.

Blue Valley Schools has its own unique history – one de­fined by growth and expansion, excellence and success. A history that all began with a simple school district more than 50 years ago. Over the years, Blue Valley has become a destination school district for those moving to the area because of the dedicated educators, engaged families and students who achieve academic and personal excellence. Blue Valley is still that district – we are still the one that prioritizes exemplary educators, safe and inclusive environments, and an atmosphere that fosters creativity and meaningful educational opportunities. We are still the one who believes: