Overland Park on verge of doing away with pit bull ban — here’s what revised city code would say

Overland Park pit bulls

An Overland Park city council committee on Thursday approved changes to city code that, among other things, strikes language barring the ownership of specific breeds of dogs often generically classified as pit bulls. The revised code now will go to the full city council later this month. Above, a pit bull named Gunther who died earlier this year, who was owned by an Overland Park family who said they were afraid to take Gunther out in public for fear he might be taken away. Image courtesy Tori Shirah.

A long exile may finally be ending for pit bulls in Overland Park.

The dogs, which animal welfare advocates say have been unfairly maligned, could be allowed back in Overland Park homes as soon as September 28, pending final approval of changes in the city’s animal control ordinance.