Mask Choice 4 Kids group draws more scrutiny as it plans events pushing for end to school mask rules

Mask Choice 4 Kids

Mask Choice 4 Kids, a Facebook group advocating for students and parents to have a choice on whether to wear masks at school, is planning several events, including a rally at Monday's Blue Valley school board meeting. Some of the group's signs began appearing in Johnson County earlier this month, though many were quickly taken down because they violated cities' codes for signage on public property. Photo via Ian Shea-Cahir Twitter.

A Facebook group advocating for students to have the choice to wear masks in Johnson County schools is planning a number of events over the next week, even as it faces growing scrutiny over its connections to the former CEO of a nurse staffing agency in Overland Park.

Mask Choice 4 Kids first popped up in August, led by Jacob Cleary, the 19-year-old son of Brian Cleary, who until last week was the head of Krucial Staffing.