Blue Valley Schools Buzz: Celebrating Blue Valley schools staff

Blue Valley Schools has more than 3,300 outstanding staff members who play an important role in the educational journeys of our students. In October, the district celebrates the following job groups for the special role they play in ensuring that every Blue Valley student has exemplary staff members assisting in their transformation.

National Principals Month

The month of October is recognized as National Principals Month, a time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our 65 school principals. Student learning, safety and school culture are among their key responsibilities. No matter the challenges, our school administrators are there leading the way for our students, staff and families. They work hand in hand with staff and families to create caring and inclusive environments where students want to learn.

National School Lunch Week

It is an honor to celebrate our Food Services Department during National School Lunch Week this month. These essential staff members across the district are truly unsung heroes. They help guarantee Blue Valley students have nutritious meals and are ready to learn. Over the past 18 months, our food services staff has gone above and beyond to continue providing meals to students, despite many challenges. Their commitment and dedication to what they do and those they serve in Blue Valley are noteworthy and extraordinary.

National Physical Therapy Month

Blue Valley’s physical therapists work with students of all ages, performing activities and exercises to assist students. Our physical therapists also work with other staff and resources to best assist students’ experiences during the school day. We celebrate these important individuals in October during National Physical Therapy Month.

National School Bus Safety Week and School Transportation Appreciation Day

Durham School Services continues to provide transportation to and from school for students including ensuring the health and safety of students while on the bus. While there have been challenges this year, we value our drivers who show up every morning and afternoon for our students.