Metcalf 108 developers ditch idea for office building, ask Overland Park to help finance apartments instead

Metcalf 108

For three years, developers of the Metcalf 108 project at Metcalf and I-435 have been unable to find tenants for a proposed multi-story office building. Now, they have returned to the Overland Park City Council with a revamped proposal centered around apartments and retail, with significantly less office space. Above, a rendering of the re-dubbed "Met Apartments." Image via Polsinelli.

After three years of trying, developers for the Metcalf 108 project near Interstate 435 have been unable to find any tenants for their proposed office building.

Now they are asking the Overland Park city council to support a new public financing agreement for a revamped project centered around apartments and retail and with significantly less office space, plus some vertical parking.