To Bee or not to Bee

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Are you on the fence about calling in a professional to clear the clutter and help you get organized? We all love a good DIY project, checkout the Bee Organized Fall Checklist for ideas to get started. Doing it yourself can be so satisfying and may save you money. The reality is, many home organizing projects may require the help of a professional. So how do you know if you should tackle the project on your own? Ask yourself these 5 simple questions before you dive into the DIY project:

1. Feeling stuck?
You know you need to get organized, but too often you don’t even know how or where to get started. In the meantime, you’re constantly looking for lost items, running late, getting more and more frustrated and feeling anxious in your own home. A good organizer looks at things differently because they’re not emotionally attached and can give you perspective. Having an accountability partner that listens and can coach you through the rough spots is invaluable.