KC company eyes old Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant near De Soto as site for new solar farm

Johnson County solar farm

The Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant near De Soto in western Johnson County closed in 1992 and has been undergoing cleanup in the decades since. A Kansas City-based renewable energy company, Savion, is now looking into the site as a potential new solar farm. Above, the gated entrance to the former plant, which remains closed off to the public. Photo credit Leah Wankum.

A Kansas City-based solar energy company is exploring the idea of developing a solar farm on the defunct Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant in De Soto.

Savion, LLC, a privately-held company that specializes in utility-scale solar power and storage, has begun reaching out to landowners and local officials in an attempt to determine if the idea is feasible, according to Savion’s media spokesperson Kelly Cooper. But because the idea is still in its infancy, the company is not ready to share more details.