The Blue Valley School District is building its newest school — here is a first look inside

Blue Valley new elementary

Blue Valley's Elementary 24, being built in the southern part of the district near 182nd Terrace and Long Street, is expected to open in 2023. Detail such as the exact enrollment boundary lines, mascot and school colors have yet to be determined. Images via Blue Valley School District.

Blue Valley School District is offering a first look into the district’s newest school.

Last week, the district hosted an open house event at the site of what is currently dubbed “Elementary 24,” which is still under constructions. The open house was aimed at students and their families who are currently attending nearly Wolf Spring Elementary and may be transferred to the new school once it’s open.

The purpose of the open house was to give families a look into the new building, while also getting feedback on where the boundary line between the new school and Wolf Spring should be placed.

Located at 12402 W. 182nd Terrace in Overland Park, Elementary 24 is being built in the far southern reaches of the district. It will be part of the Blue Valley Southwest feeder pattern.

According to the district’s website, the school is tentatively scheduled to open in August 2023, but school board is “expected to make a final decision on the timeline for opening Elementary 24 at an upcoming board meeting.”

A spokesperson from the district said details such as the school’s names, colors and mascot have yet to be decided.

Blue Valley did say the school’s community will have an opportunity to provide input on those details before they will be voted on by the board.

In the coming months, the Facility Planning Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Education for the new school’s exact enrollment boundaries.

The community will also have the opportunity to review and provide input on boundaries for Elementary 24 prior to any board action, according to the district.

Under board policy, any students residing in the boundary of Elementary 24 are required to attend the new school.

The only exception to this rule is students, and siblings of students, enrolled at Wolf Spring’s Chinese Immersion Program.

Students who attend Elementary 24 will feed into Aubry Bend Middle and Blue Valley Southwest High School.