Johnson County Sheriff’s Office to spend $30K on COVID-19 antibody tests

Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden says so far about 160 department staffers have expressed interest in receiving a new kind of COVID-19 antibody screening test aimed at measuring the strength of an individual's immunity to the disease. Hayden has opted his department out of a county manager's directive requiring most other county employees to either get vaccinated or undergo weekly COVID-19 testing. Above, Hayden gets his blood drawn for a new antibody test. Image courtesy Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

During the course of the pandemic, some 170 employees of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office — including Sheriff Calvin Hayden himself — have contracted and recovered from COVID-19.

The Sheriff’s Office was never part of a directive requiring most other county employees to get vaccinated or submit to routine testing. Hayden opted his office out of participating, saying he’d leave it to his employees to assess their own risk.