Your daily planner for Tuesday, Dec. 7

Four new Prairie Village councilmembers are sworn into office. From left to right Ward 1 Councilmember Cole Robinson, Ward 5 Councilmember Greg Shelton, Ward 3 Councilmember Lauren Wolf and Ward 4 Councilmember Dave Robinson. Ward 2 Councilmember Ron Nelson and Ward 6 Councilmember Terrence Gallagher (not pictured) were also sworn in for another term.

Hey everyone! Juliana here. Welcome to Tuesday, Dec. 7, in Shawnee Mission.

Forecast: ☁️ It’s another chilly, December day with a high of 46 degrees. Unlike yesterday, it will be mostly cloudy. But Shawnee Mission is on track to warm back up a bit tomorrow — and the sun could make an appearance, too.