Bulky item pickup is changing in Overland Park — here’s how it will impact residents

bulky item Overland park

Currently, the city contracts with trash haulers to pick up large items (like furniture, above) around Overland Park, covering half the city each year. Now, residents will arrange large item pickups on their own with trash haulers at any time they want. Image courtesy city of Overland Park.

Bulky item pickup is about to look different for Overland Park residents. 

Under the system currently in place, residents get bulky item pickups every other year arranged by the city.

The ordinance originally came before the city council’s Community Development Committee earlier this month.

After some councilmembers raised concerns that the change could prompt trash haulers to raise their rates, impacting the cost to consumers, the proposal advanced to the Overland Park City Council. 

Under current regulations, the city contracts with trash haulers to provide this service in the fall of every other year to roughly half of Overland Park residents. 

Under the new ordinance, residents are responsible for scheduling a pickup and negotiating the cost with the trash hauler. 

“It is no longer feasible for trash haulers to provide citywide bulky item pickup operations on this timeframe and scale because of increasing costs, fleet limitations and reduction in workforce,” city staff wrote in a press release. 

At the committee meeting earlier this month, Councilmember Faris Farassati voiced his worry that mandating trash haulers make bulky item pickup part of their service structure, the companies would be forced to raise their fees, meaning costs would most likely go up for residents.

But other councilmembers said giving residents the chance to seek out competitive bids from trash haulers for bulky item pickup could actually lower costs in the end.

The new bulky item ordinance goes into effect in 2022.

That’s when customers can begin scheduling their bulky item pickups at any time throughout the year.