Feel the change that an organized home brings

Bee Organized gives you lots of tools to take back control of your space.

At Bee Organized, we say don’t worry about resolutions, instead focus on how you want to feel in 2022 and start there. Imagine how you would feel walking into your house, everything has its place, you can instantly find what you need, no cluttered counters and space for you to breathe and just be. Like the feeling? What would you do with all your free time?

Bee Organized founders Kristen Christian and Lisa Foley.

There is much we can’t control in our world right now, but we can start to feel control in our own lives when we focus on our surroundings. We truly BEE-lieve the Power Purge will help you take back control of your space. Gaining control in your own home (or office) will allow you to better cope and have the energy and mental space to see beyond the immediate crises and solve bigger problems — for ourselves and for others too.

Purging items you’ve held onto for years can provide opportunities for your energy to flourish in a whole new direction. Now that’s something to feel good about!  Keep the Bees in mind if you need help getting started. Give us a Buzz …we’re ready to Simplify Your Hive!