Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty: 13 Seconds

What can we learn from the Chiefs' latest historic win?

If you are a Chiefs fan – or an enthusiastic sports fan – there is a good chance that had your TV tuned to the same channel as I did last Sunday. And what a game it was! Through all of life’s experiences, watching sports included, I typically have two completely opposite perspectives. I am either a passive observer, enjoying the experience, following along in an autopilot state of mind OR I am an active participant, diligently giving meaning to each perspective before me. For me, this game would be defined as a hybrid of the two – relishing the moment AND frantically and actively participating in the collective push forward towards the goal line. With 1:02 left in regulation, the Chiefs no doubt proceeded with hopes for another possible Super Bowl Victory, as did I and Chiefs Kingdom. However, 49 seconds later, some of us entered a state of frustration and for some, resignation.

This week in our sales meeting, we took the following question into our 5 minutes of mindful meditation: “What are the traits one must have to be able to march down the field and tie a game of such magnitude?” Here are just a few of the words that the group came up with: