Rosie Grimes, beloved home daycare operator in Overland Park, is retiring after 36 years

Rosie Grimes, long-time Shawnee Mission daycare provider

Rosie Grimes, who has run an in-home daycare in the Shawnee Mission area for the past 36 years, is retiring. She estimates she's cared for more than 90 children in the last 36 years, usually in cohorts of 6 or 7 children at a time. Above, Grimes and a couple of children from her final cohort.

Rosie Grimes started an in-home daycare center 36 years ago in order to watch her niece as a way to help her sister, who was recently divorced at the time.

Grimes said when she started she planned to run the daycare for just one year, and there were times in that first year, she recalls, when she thought she may not even make it to that milestone.