New COVID-19 cases drop sharply in Johnson County, but officials warn ‘we’re still not out of the woods’

Johnson County health officials say the trajectory of new cases of COVID-19 has gone down sharply over the past week, mirroring trends seen in other places around the world that have seen their Omicron waves subside. But overall, numbers remain "extraordinarily high" compared to previous waves. A countywide mask order for elementary schools still remains in place. File image.

New coronavirus cases in Johnson County appear to be on a downward trajectory from the recent Omicron spike, public health officials say.

Dr. Sanmi Areola shared relatively good news Thursday morning with county commissioners, noting the incidence rate graph lines are beginning to bear a resemblance to those in South Africa, the United Kingdom and other areas that saw the variant before Kansas in which the line of cases first went sharply up and then went sharply down.