Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead puts out call for workers, warns staff shortage could cut activities

Deanna Rose

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in Overland Park has put out a call for help on its social media pages last week asking for applicants to avoid starting the season short-staffed. There are 10 open positions listed for the farmstead on the city's website. They include animal care attendant, blacksmith, education programs attendant and more. Photo via Deanna Rose's Facebook.

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead in Overland Park has put out a plea for more seasonal workers and warns that impending staff shortages could curtail some popular summer activities.

The local attraction took to Twitter and Facebook recently to ask for those interested to apply for open positions before its opening date on Apirl 1.

“We are in jeopardy of being short-staffed this season, which means some of your favorite activities might not be able to open in 2022,” the post reads.

Here’s the farmstead’s announcement on Facebook:

There are 10 open positions listed for the farmstead on the city’s website.

They include:

  • animal care attendant,
  • blacksmith,
  • education programs attendant,
  • guest service coordinator,
  • gardener,
  • laborers,
  • point of sale attendant,
  • volunteer coordinator
  • and other volunteers.

To be a volunteer, you must be 14 years or older. No experience or city residence is required for the position.

Both experience and minimum age vary for the other open position with pay starting anywhere between $9-16 an hour.

Some comments to the farmstead’s post noted that starting pay level as a potential drawback.

“I have three fantastic teenagers who would love to work there. But the truth is, if you’re paying $9-11 an hour, you’re going to have a hard time finding applicants,” resident Maren Blanchard Hufford. “Fast food and grocery stores are hiring kids at $14-15 an hour.”

However, Melanie Lane Myers, another commenter, said working at the farm remained a great opportunity beyond the pay.

“The Farmstead offers a unique experience for teens, particularly those that want careers in agriculture, animal health, horticulture or landscape management, that you won’t get in fast food or grocery,” Myers wrote.

If interested, you can apply online for a job with the farmstead through the city’s website.

Deanna Rose has been a family-friendly attraction in Overland Park since the 1970s when the city purchased the land for the farm near 135th Street and Switzer Road.

A few attractions the farmstead provides each year are animal pens, chicken and turkey coops, orchards, playgrounds, ponds, trails, gardens and a concession stand.