Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden will use county resources to investigate 2020 election data

Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden spoke at a local Republican Party gathering Monday night and confirmed an employee in his office has been working on county time for the past six months looking into complaints about the county's election process. Hayden says no subpoenas have been issued or charges brought. County election officials have maintained the legitimacy of the votes the past two years, which have been certified and audited with no evidence of voter fraud. File image.

Saying he’s not convinced the numbers from the voter registration rolls add up, Sheriff Calvin Hayden has joined the ranks of others casting down on the legitimacy of recent election results in Johnson County.

There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud anywhere in the state. Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab, who has addressed concerns about the integrity of the 2020 elections from fellow Republicans for months now, has repeatedly affirmed that voter fraud did not sway the results.

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