KDOT approves 11 noise walls along expanding U.S. Highway 69 — Here’s where they’ll go

As part of the U.S. 69 expansion project, KDOT will go through with all 11 noise walls proposed earlier this year, like this one on 119th Street. Photo by Lucie Krisman

As part of the U.S. 69 Expansion project, noise walls are coming to U.S. 69.

KDOT announced Monday that it will build 11 noise walls along a stretch of the highway from 119th Street to 151st Street.

The walls will be built in the following locations:

  • Two between 119th Street and Blue Valley Parkway, with one each on the west and east sides of the highway,
  • One on the east side of Blue Valley Parkway just north of the junction with U.S. 69
  • Two between 127th and 135th streets, with one each on the west and east sides of the highway.
  • Four between 135th and 151st streets, wit two each on the west and east sides of the highway.

Here is map of the proposed barriers:

Image via Kansas Department of Transportation’s U.S. 69 Highway expansion project website 69express.com.

After a noise study in the fall of 2021 and several virtual public meetings in January, KDOT sought out input from residents and property owners in the corresponding areas, who were deemed “benefitted receptors” of this part of the project.

Those residents who would be closely impacted by these noise walls voted in February on whether each individual wall should be built. Each wall had to meet a threshold of 70% or more votes in favor in order to be built.

According to a release on Monday, votes for every wall exceeded that requirement.

“We are thankful for the Kansas Department of Transportation’s partnership and investment in U.S. 69, and we look forward to the successful completion of the project,” said Mayor Curt Skoog.

Each wall will be roughly 12 to 16 feet tall.

Project staff previously said the walls will likely be built after the rest of the highway expansion is finished.

This would mean the walls would start to be built in 2024 or 2025.

Find more information about the project here.