Inside JCPRD: Three impactful moments in the REDLINED exhibit

The history and lasting legacy of redlining is the subject of the temporary exhibit, REDLINED: Cities, Suburbs, and Segregation, which will be on display through Jan. 7 at the Johnson County Museum.

By The Johnson County Museum

The Johnson County Museum’s new special exhibition, REDLINED: Cities, Suburbs, and Segregation, opened on Kansas Day (January 29) last month. The exhibit is extensive, chronicling more than 175 years of history related to redlining, its foundations, and its continuing legacies. Redlining – the system of disinvestment that went from a private prejudicial practice in the early 20th century to a federal policy during the Great Depression and was outlawed by the 1968 Civil Rights Act – shaped and continues to shape daily interactions, neighborhoods, cities, and the nation.