DA says homemade, untraceable ‘ghost guns’ used in 2 recent shootings in Johnson County

The Johnson County District Attorney says a homemade, untraceable weapon, of a type often referred to as a "ghost guns" was used in a shooting last Friday at Olathe East that left three people injured, as well as in a shooting at Lenexa home last month that left three people dead. Photo credit Nikki Lansford.

Ghost guns — a term often used to describe homemade, untraceable guns — have caught the attention of Johnson County authorities after such weapons were allegedly used in two separate shootings here in recent weeks that resulted in three deaths and three injuries.

Officials in other states, most notably California, have been scrambling in recent months to respond to a surge in use of the do-it-yourself weapons, which have been linked to everything from gang killings to accidental shootings at home.