Feeling sticker shock at your Johnson County appraisal? Here’s what goes into the process and how appeals work

The Johnson County Appraiser's Office says nearly 98% of all property owners in the county saw some increase in their property's value in 2021. But so far, the number of appeals that have been filed fits in with recent historical averages. File image.

A sizzling hot real estate market drove values up on just about every piece of property in the county the past year. But despite that, the Johnson County appraiser’s office so far has not been overwhelmed with appeals, says Appraiser Beau Boisvert.

In fact, the 425 appeals the office had received as of last Monday, March 7 falls within the normal range, Boisvert said. And about half of that number come from commercial property owners, who start their appeals process before residential owners, he said.

The appraiser’s office typically gets 8,000 to 9,000 appeals a year, and so far nothing seems unusual about this year, even though about 97% of properties went up in the appraised value, he said.