In its first year, this Johnson County program has helped 280 people with criminal histories find a safe place to sleep

Johnson County's new Problem Solving Beds program helps folks with criminal histories, including Christina Brewer (above), get back on their feet, especially if they're experiencing homelessness. Photo credit Leah Wankum.

As affordable housing continues to be an issue for many Johnson Countians, a new county-run program is aiming to provide a safe place for a particular group of folks who are in more urgent need of help: formerly incarcerated people trying to avoid homelessness.

Managed by the Johnson County Department of Corrections, the Problem Solving Beds program offers a place for those who have been in the criminal justice system a place to sleep, store their belongings and access a variety of resources, including meals, transportation, medical care, case management, job placement, financial resources and even creative arts programs.