Try the Post’s ‘Parade of Hearts’ driving tour around Johnson County

There are nearly 30 Parade of Hearts statues in Johnson County. The Post has put together a map and driving tour so you can easily navigate to see some or all of them in one afternoon. Above, a heart displayed near downtown Shawnee. Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

By now it’s no secret: the Parade of Hearts has come to Kansas City.

Parade of Hearts statue near KU MEdical center
“KC, Where Hearts Brush Along!” is located at 39th Street and State Line Road. It’s the unofficial first stop on the Post’s Parade of Hearts tour (though the tour can be started from any heart). Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

Similar to the bygone “Cow Parade” art project more than 20 years ago, the metro-wide “Parade of Hearts” art installation features dozens of five-foot by five-foot fiberglass hearts designed and decorated by local artists, placed at various points throughout the Kansas City area.

That includes nearly 3o hearts in — or very near – Johnson County, from western Shawnee and south of Interstate 435 to Prairie Village and the northeast part of the county.

Post staffers have spotted them in their neck of the woods, but we though we’d create a more comprehensive driving tour for Johnson Countians who may want to check out the hearts closest to them.

This tour can be completed in a a long afternoon.

If you go to each heart on our list, park and take a picture, it will take approximately five-and-a-half hours. (I know because I did it.)

If you don’t have time for that, we’ve broken our hearts tour into three shorter segments of 10 hearts each that can be done in two hours or less.

In each of these segments, the hearts on our map are marked A through J. They cover a more geographically focused area of Johnson County, including:

Parade of Hearts statue in Shawnee
“KC Sunflower” is one of the five Parade of Hearts statues in Shawnee. Photo credit Juliana Garcia.
  • KU Med and northeast JoCo: This segment goes around the University of Kansas Medical Center area, northeast Johnson County and ends in Prairie Village, with heart “J” in  Weltner Park on State Line Road.
  • 435 corridor and Olathe: This segment picks up at Weltner Park, goes through Leawood and Overland Park, and ends in Olathe. Destination “J” is the Olathe Community Center.
  • Johnson Drive, Shawnee and Lenexa: This segment begins at the Olathe Community Center, heads north to Lenexa, goes out west to Shawnee and ends in downtown Mission. Destination “J” is Mission Market on Johnson Drive.

Or you could just check out our map and pick a few random hearts close to you to see.

Whichever way you do it, we hope you have fun!

Below is the Post’s tour and map of “Parade of Hearts” in Johnson County.