Overland Park citizen group that backed Faris Farassati for mayor last year must register as PAC

Johnson County campaign signs

The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission ruled recently that the citizen-led group Fresh Vision OP needs to register as a political action committee after it encouraged others to vote for city councilmember Faris Farassati during last August's mayoral primary, in which Farassati ended up placing third behind Mike Czinege and eventual winner Curt Skoog. Above, campaign signs ahead of last August's primary. File image.

To residents concerned about development of the Overland Park Arboretum and toll lanes on U.S. Highway 69, Fresh Vision OP was simply “a bunch of neighbors” trying to voice their views, according to Chengny Thao, the group’s treasurer.

But the group, formed a little more than a year ago, crossed a line in campaign disclosure law when it published an endorsement of one-time mayoral candidate Faris Farassati shortly before last August’s primary, a state election watchdog panel has ruled.