Your Community: One great cause supports another

Andy Akright and his son Robbie enjoy picking out fun picture books at Antioch Library.

Meet Andy Akright. He’s 36 years-old, a Friend of Johnson County Library and an especially good friend of the Friends bookstores. He’s a husband of a K-4 music teacher Katie and a father to 5-year-old Robbie, a kindergartener who reads at a second grade level. Andy grew up walking with his parents to the Oak Park Library, and now he takes his son to their home library, Antioch. “We LOVE it!,” says Andy, “and we go at least a few times a month.” Andy says that the Wonder Books are amazing, especially for parents of a single child.

Andy is a lover of history, and finds the library’s resources, especially those available online, to be impressive and valuable. He produces content for a YouTube channel, has been featured in the Mission magazine, and is the voice of two stops on Mission’s Otocast, and he says that the Johnson County Library has helped make all that possible.