Updates from Johnson County Community College: Model United Nations prepares students for the future

Students involved with Model United Nations receive invaluable real-world experience.

At Johnson County Community College, learning extends far beyond the classroom. We offer a variety of extracurricular activities that help students gain real-world knowledge and experiences. These include leadership programs, off-campus experiences and clubs and organizations.

One of these experiences is JCCC Model United Nations. In this extracurricular activity, students role-play as delegates to the United Nations. The experience helps them build real-world skills and strengthen their speaking, debating and writing abilities, and hone critical thinking, teamwork and leadership skills.

JCCC Model UN, an award-winning organization

Model UN offers students, including area high school students who are enrolled in College Now or Quickstep, the opportunity to learn about diplomacy, international relations and how the United Nations operates. Participants attend yearly conferences to debate current worldly issues with thousands of other college students. The JCCC UN Team has a record of success that spans 15 years of college-level competitions and conferences that include teams from major universities from around the world.

Recently, JCCC’s Model UN participated at the National Model United Nations conference in New York and received an Overall Outstanding Delegation award for their representation of Nigeria. Debate topics ranged from “Reducing Nuclear Danger” to “The Right to Privacy in a Digital Age.”

A lot of preparation goes into understanding the country these student delegates are representing. Model UN hosts weekly sessions that provide simulations, speech training and practice to help students apply what they have learned. Model UN teaches students how to understand complex real-world topics, and that solutions are out there.

“This year’s team is an impressive group of JCCC students who have distinguished themselves,” said advisor Brian Wright. “They are outstanding representatives for JCCC charged with building a better understanding of the contemporary world.”

Students receive unique opportunities for professional growth

According to club President Andrew Snow, Model UN is unique because students walk away with many applicable skills they can use in future careers.

“Students get a foundational set of transitional abilities in areas like communication, critical thinking, and the ability to interact in more ways than they previously understood,” he said.

Model UN a great opportunity for students looking for a way to challenge themselves and get the most out of their time at JCCC.

Getting involved at JCCC

With extracurricular opportunities like Model UN, JCCC students can prepare for the professional world and strengthen their resumes while also having fun and meeting new people. Learn more about our clubs and organizations, Student Life events and ways for students to get involved.