Ranch Mart North redux nearly complete — What’s new and what remains to be done

The redevelopment of the 217,000-square-foot Ranch Mart North shopping center in Leawood is nearly complete. File photo.

The redevelopment of the 217,000-square-foot Ranch Mart North shopping center in Leawood is nearly complete.

Here’s where the much-watched project, which has been going on for more than two years, currently stands.

Renovation details: Located at the northeast corner of 95th Street and Mission Road, Cadence Commercial Real Estate’s $47 million renovation of the shopping center includes:

  • complete façade renovation of the entire center and interior remodel of Cosentino’s Price Chopper,
  • new two story mixed-use building with second floor office space above restaurants,
  • new pedestrian areas and connectivity to maximize safety,
  • a plaza and event space,
  • modern materials and architecture with landscaping,
  • and updated parking areas, islands and lighting.

What’s left: According to Cadence Principal Trip Ross, improvements to the center are “substantially completed” at this point, but some smaller components are still in the works.

“We still have some finishing touches to put on the property, particularly in the new mixed-use area,” Ross said.

The main project left to be completed is the addition of art work on the north side of the center.

A large mural for this area of the property has been in the works for several months, but it still needs to be approved by the city before it can be installed, Ross said.

New tenants: In addition to the physical remodel, Ranch Mart North has also had several changes in tenants since construction began on the center over two years ago.

In January, locally-owned Meat Mitch Barbecue, who was one of the first tenants to sign a lease for the newly constructed property, opened in the center’s new mixed-use building.

The barbecue restaurant was then followed by Summer Salt Ice Cream Co., who announced in February that they would be opening a second location at the center.

Additionally, Replica, an enterprise data platform company, has also leased and moved into the second floor of the center’s mixed-use space.

Future tenants: Six spaces still remain open for new tenants on the property, including two restaurant spaces below Replica.

Ross said there is a lease pending for one of the restaurant spaces, but he was not at liberty to say who the potential new tenant is.

However, Ross did say the restaurant eyeing the new space would be “a nice complement to Meat Mitch.”