See ‘Purple Twist,’ tapped by Leawood Art Council as city’s next art installation

The Leawood Arts Council voted to recommend "Purple Twist" by Jessie Cargas as the next public art piece displayed through the city's "Art on Loan" program. Photo via city of Leawood.

At its meeting earlier this month, the Leawood Arts Council voted to recommend “Purple Twist” by Missouri artist Jessie Cargas as the city’s next non-permanent art installation.

Background: If approved by the city council, the sculpture would be a part of Leawood’s “Art on Loan” program, which allows artists the opportunity to temporarily display their work on a site just west of Leawood City Hall near Town Center Drive and Roe Avenue.

The program is a part of the city’s Art in Public Places Initiative, which is funded by fees assessed on non-residential private development, renovation or redevelopment projects.

Sculpture details: The bright-purple sculpture stands at roughly eight-feet tall, but would be closer to 10 feet with the addition of a custom-made pedestal for the site pad.

Built entirely out of steel, Cargas said the abstract sculpture draws on inspiration from her daily experiences and can be viewed at different angles to get new perspectives.

“My pieces begin with a vision, a design, then are drawn, cut, sanded, shaped, rolled and or welded, then finished,” Cargas said. “I begin with a certain concept that often takes a new direction during the creation process.”

The city would be paying a stipend of $2,500 to house the piece for a year, in addition to roughly $1,000 to have Cargas construct the pedestal it would stand on.

Council’s decision: At a May 9 meeting, the arts council unanimously voted to recommend “Purple Twist” for the loan program.

While the council did acknowledge the piece was yet another abstract work, many agreed it had some unique elements that made it stand out from Leawood’s current art collection.

“We liked the color, as we don’t really have anything like this in the collection,” said Holly York, Leawood cultural arts supervisor. “I also like like the sort of soft organic nature of it.”

What’s next: Now that the art piece has been approved as a recommendation, it will have be voted upon by the Leawood City Council for final approval.

“Purple Twist” would then be installed at the site near City Hall, replacing one of the city’s “Parade of Hearts” after it is auctioned off in June.

After a year of being on display, Cargas’s sculpture could then be bought by the city and moved to a permanent location in city limits.