Featured Event: Summer Solstice Day of Wellness at the Arboretum

Rejuvenate your body and mind on the longest day of the year.

Summer solstice is a great opportunity to check in with your mind and body.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2023, Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens will host a spectacular event, the Summer Solstice Day of Wellness. Participate in various wellness activities from sunrise to late evening amidst the stunning backdrop of the Arboretum’s gardens and woodlands. Rejuvenate your body and mind as wellness instructors from across the Metro lead a range of classes and workshops.

The event begins with invigorating yoga sessions, followed by an exploration of herbal knowledge and Ayurvedic (a system of traditional medicine native to India) insights. The afternoon offers thrilling activities like partner acrobatics and a guided mindfulness walk through natural surroundings. Try your hand at a unique hooping workshop or close out the day with fire meditation and celebration. This spiritual practice allows attendees to reflect on the significance of the summer solstice, symbolizing the journey from darkness to light.

Throughout the day, visitors can also explore the vendor fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Local wellness vendors will showcase their products and services. The fair offers a great opportunity to learn more about healthy mind and body practices and connect with local businesses in the industry. The vendor fair is open to anyone visiting the Arboretum.

Whether you choose to spend the entire day or just a portion at the Summer Solstice Day of Wellness, this event promises to be a transformative experience. Mark your calendars, join the community and celebrate the longest day of the year in a truly uplifting and enlightening way. Remember, from darkness, light always emerges.

The 300-acre Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens is an educational, recreational and cultural resource for the Kansas City region. At the Arboretum, you’ll experience meticulous gardens with more than 1,700 species of plants, wild hiking trails, an open prairie and different educational opportunities around every bend. It is located at 8909 W. 179th Street, Overland Park.

For more information about the Summer Solstice Day of Wellness, visit opkansas.org/arboretum.