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1 in 4 Americans say their garage is too cluttered to pull the car in!
Do you use your garage to park and protect your car (your large investment), or do you use the space for hobbies, personal projects, and a dumping ground for all things without a home? The garage is usually the forgotten and neglected part of your home that accumulates all your stuff, which in turn turn creates clutter and chaos. In fact, a recent survey found that one third of homeowners don’t even know what is stored in their garage!

1 in 4 homeowners admitted they’re embarrassed to open garage doors.
If you keep your garage doors closed because you’re embarrassed, well you’re not alone. We understand how overwhelming and daunting the project of organizing your packed garage can be, so we can help! We created a detailed Garage Checklist and Buzz Tips below for you to follow if you want to go it alone, or we can make a plan and tackle it together. Most importantly, we want you to reclaim your space and get those garage doors open again!

Buzz tips for the garage:

1. Pull everything out and purge
Start by pulling everything out and identifying all items that are broken or no longer needed. You probably have sports equipment and bikes your kids have outgrown, or cans of paint that you have been holding onto for way too long. Get rid of unwanted items by recycling, trashing or donating. If items are of value, schedule a donation pickup right away (or take items to your favorite charity) to keep you motivated with your eye on the prize. As an extra bonus, donate multiple items…how many coolers or baseball bats do you really need?

2. Sort and create zones
Divide and conquer by grouping like items together. Categorize sports gear, lawn and garden, tools, etc. Create zones for items used most and use shelves, bins and hooks where everyone can easily grab. Store rarely used items high and to the back.

3. Get stuff off the floor
Get items out of the way of the car and clear the floor as best as possible. Turn your wall space into storage space!

4. Use products to simplify
Utilize what you have for storage, but consider investing in storage options that will help you simplify, maximize the space and maintain order. We love using plastic tubs for storage, they lock out moisture (and critters), and don’t forget to label!

5. Maximize space
Utilize every inch of space! Think vertical for hanging bikes, use upper shelves and overhead racks for things rarely used. Pegboards or wall slats work great for tools.

6. Now open your doors
Take pride in your transformed space! Don’t forget to install LED bulbs (or extra lighting) to make your garage feel safer and brighter.

At Bee Organized, we believe in progress over perfection, and no judgement! Give yourself grace, if it takes you longer than you thought, you still accomplished more than if you never started at all. We’re certain that organizing your garage is a chore you won’t regret doing!

Remember, there’s no shame calling in a professional if you lack the time, energy or skills needed to get your space organized once and for all. Our Bees are always ready to give you that extra boost that you need, so give us a Buzz …we’d be HONORED to help Simplify Your Garage!

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Bonus: Check out our Bee Organized Garage Checklist for detailed pro tips to transform your space. We’ve also included links of our favorite products to use for any sized garage.

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