Updates from Johnson County Community College: Continuing Education for the local workforce

JCCC's Continuing Education courses enhance career development and deepen personal enrichment.

JCCC’s Continuing Education Division (CE) offers more than 2,600 courses, programs and certificates to enhance a person’s career development and personal enrichment. Many courses will increase an employee’s skill and knowledge, which helps boost job productivity and career potential. JCCC Continuing Education offers many course topics and program opportunities to fit a variety of workforce and individual needs.

Continuing Education course details

Unlike regular college credit programs, CE students receive continuing education units (CEUs), certifications and licensures within various topics. Many courses cover professional and industry-specific topics like project management, Commercial Driver’s License training, digital marketing and graphic design. Students can also have fun exploring a new hobby or challenging themselves with life and leisure courses like sign language, photography and sports and recreation. Available classes are organized under these subjects:

  • Business Skills Development
  • Careers and Trades
  • Computer Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Leisure
  • Life Skills
  • Small Business Development
  • Youth Programs

When it comes to receiving a quality education, students learn from industry experts and knowledgeable instructors through engaging and innovative curriculum. Students can choose from classes in multiple course delivery formats to fit their schedules and learning styles.

  • In-person classes are considered traditional, instructor-led and offered in a JCCC classroom.
  • Live online courses offer real-time discussions with instructors and fellow students through video-streaming technology.
  • Online courses provide on-demand learning that allows students to develop skills at their own pace, or they can be six-week or longer online courses that are facilitated by an instructor.

JCCC is dedicated to helping students reach their educational goals. That’s why this year we’re awarding $50,000 in Continuing Education scholarships to those looking to take the next step in their careers. Learn more about CE scholarship requirements.

Customized training programs for businesses

Additionally, JCCC Continuing Education can create a customized training program tailored to meet the needs of a business or organization. Whether a company needs to train a whole team or has key employees that want to gain new skills, we can create an instruction plan that aligns with an organization’s wants, needs and values.

Don’t take it from us, Jimmy England of Teague Electric shared, “JCCC has worked closely with local contractors to learn what the needs are and has created and adapted classes to help fulfill those needs. We value our partnership with JCCC.”

Other businesses had similar testimonials echoing how JCCC’s Continuing Education training has helped their workforce. Mark W. Powell of LS Technologies said, “We very much appreciate that this class was brought to the site and that so much of it was tailored for our applications. We feel that you all are really doing this right.”

Learn more and view available courses

If you’re looking to enhance workplace skills, professional development opportunities or just a new hobby, JCCC Continuing Education has affordable, flexible and quality courses to help you move forward. Our easy-to-navigate online catalog makes registering for classes quick and simple. See the Continuing Education catalog and register today.