Overland Park woman convicted multiple times for shoplifting arrested again for felony theft

Scheels OP

Kelli Jo Bauer was arrested Saturday and charged with one count of felony theft for allegedly shoplifting items at the Scheels sporting goods store in south Overland Park. File photo.

An Overland Park woman who has a history of shoplifting convictions was arrested again on Saturday and charged with one count of felony theft of under $25,000, according to Johnson County court records.

The details: Kelli Jo Bauer, 52, is alleged to have stolen goods valued between $50 to $1,500 from the Overland Park Scheels store, court documents say.

  • The arrest took place on Saturday morning, just before 11 a.m.
  • Prosecutors have requested her bond be set at $5,000.

A criminal history: Prior to this latest arrest, Bauer had received six other theft convictions in Johnson County, including when she was previously charged for stealing over $100,000 in clothing and other items from retail stores in the Kansas City area in 2015.

  • That time, the stolen merchandise was recovered by the Overland Park Organized Retail Crime unit, who had followed her after seeing her shoplift.
  • A day before her sentencing in that case, she was arrested again for shoplifting from a Kohl’s store in Lenexa in November 2016.
  • Bauer was sentenced in 2017 to one year in prison for the 2015 arrest and seven months for the 2016 case, with both sentences ordered to run consecutively to each other.

Other priors: According to Johnson County court records, Bauers first arrest for theft was in January 2008.

  • She also received one-year probation for a theft arrest that took place in May 2013.
  • Her most recent arrest happened in December 2020 in which she was found guilty of a misdemeanor theft.