Overland Park moves forward with major renovations of 167th Street and Switzer Road

At this month's meeting, Overland Park's Public Works Committee approved agreements for two street overhaul projects on Switzer Road and 167th Street respectively. Image from city of Overland Park website.

Two major road improvement projects in south Overland Park moved forward Wednesday night.

What happened: At it’s regular monthly meeting, the city council’s Public Works Committee approved funding agreements for overhaul projects on Switzer Road and 167th Street, respectively.

What will be done? A stretch of both Switzer Road and 167th will be reconstructed.

  • Reconstruction for both streets will include a newly-paved two-lane road with a shoulder and bike lane.
  • Roundabouts will also be added at 167th Street and at Antioch Road.
  • Both projects include additional improvements, such as landscape restoration, curb and gutter work, and the addition of a new sidewalk and multi-use trail.

Where exactly: Switzer Road’s reconstruction will take place from 159th to 167th streets, and 167th Street will be reconstructed from Switzer to Antioch roads.

The yellow lines on what stretches of both Switzer and 167th the work will be done. Image via Google Maps.

Price tags: Wednesday’s approved bid for the Switzer Road reconstruction project amounted to roughly $10 million.

  • The amendment to the 167th Street project added $148,000 to the project’s total allocation, reaching a total cost of roughly $1 million.
  • Project manager Brent Gerard said the cost increase for the 167th Street project came from new design difficulties, such as nearby incoming work to add toll lanes on U.S. Highway 69 nearby and how it will impact this project’s construction.

What’s next: The Switzer Road reconstruction project will happen first, starting possibly as early as July.

  • The 167th Street project is in its design phase, and utility relocations are underway this year.
  • Construction will start on 167th Street in 2023.