Blue Valley has several open positions for its board advisory committees — Here’s how you can get involved

Blue Valley

All of Blue Valley's board advisory committees, which provide the school board with advice on various topics, have open positions that need to be filled before the start of the upcoming school year. File photo.

Blue Valley’s board advisory committees have open positions for more than 20 roles that need to be filled before the start of the upcoming school year, said district spokesperson Kaci Brutto.

Why it matters: Formed by the Blue Valley school board, the advisory committees serve by offering advice to the school board on issues affecting the district.

  • As the district grows and changes, these advisory committees allow the board to increase involvement in the school district and receive input from the community on key issues, according to the district’s website.

The process: Committee members are appointed by the board of education prior to the school year and serve two-year terms.

  • The application process occurs during the spring and summer, with the hope of having the new members appointed prior to the start of each new school year.
  • An application for those who wish to apply to a committee for the first time can be found here, while those looking to reapply for their committee position can go here.

Requirements: The only requirement to apply for any of the many open positions is the applicant must be a resident of Blue Valley.

  • Blue Valley teachers, administrators and parents are all encouraged to apply for the available positions.

The committees: The district has seven advisory committees, but the board may add or remove committees as needed. Below is a list of the committees and their goals.

  • Communications Committee: The goal of this committee is to promote more dialogue between the board and the community by learning about and providing feedback on the different ways the board engages and communicates the community.
  • Curriculum and Instruction Committee: It sets out to raise and study topics, review teacher revised curriculum and make recommendations that will benefit each student.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee: Its goal is to advise the board on all areas of diversity, equity and inclusion resulting in actions that respond to the needs of students and staff.
  • Facility Planning Committee: Typically only meeting every two years, this committee examines and evaluates boundary alternatives and recommends options for a comprehensive boundary mast plan to the board.
  • Finance and Operation Committee: Members of this committee monitor and advise administration and the board on finance-related issues and trends, large facility improvement projects and the general business and operations of the district.
  • Health and Well-Being Committee: It sets out to discuss and study topics pertinent to the student services department in Blue Valley, while providing the district with a resource of knowledgeable staff, administrators and parents.
  • Student Activities Committee: Consisting of board members, parents, students and administrators, the primary objective for this committee is to provide feedback and recommendations to the board on ways to enrich and strengthen the district’s athletic and activities programs.