Leawood woman charged in assault on 18-year-old anti-abortion canvasser

A 37-year-old Leawood resident has been charged with misdemeanor battery after striking an 18-year-old election canvasser this past weekend. Image via Creative Commons.

Correction: The perpetrator has been issued a citation to appear in municipal court later this month and was not tried as an earlier version of this story implied.

A Leawood woman has been charged with misdemeanor battery after she assaulted an anti-abortion election canvasser earlier this week.

What happened? The Leawood Police Department says the 18-year-old canvasser from Austin, Texas, was going door-to-door on Sunday when the incident occurred.

  • As the canvasser was leaving a residence on Granada Lane, she was struck by a 37-year-old female resident, according to police.
  • A police incident report describes the incident as “battery, physical contact in rude, insulting, angry manner.”
  • Under a section for listing weapons or force used in an assault, the incident report is marked “personal weapon,” which according to the Kansas Incident Based Reporting Handbook, refers to body parts like “fist, feet and teeth.”
  • The report lists at least four witnesses to the incident, one of which was another 73-year-old Leawood resident whose home address is listed on Granada Lane.
  • Police say the victim was not injured.

Bigger picture: The incident occurred just two days before Tuesday’s much-watched vote on the Value Them Both amendment, which would have taken away the constitutional guarantee of abortion access currently enshrined in the Kansas Constitution by a 2019 state supreme court decision.

  • The victim was canvassing with anti-abortion group Students For Life Action when she was struck, according to the incident report.
  • The group on its website says it aims to “train and mobilize this generation of pro-life leaders” and “abolish abortion in America.”

What happens next: The perpetrator was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery and issued a citation to appear later this month in Leawood Municipal Court.