Johnson County approves $45K to pay stipends for workers doing abortion recount

County workers reassigned this week to help with the hand recount of the Aug. 2 abortion amendment will get $100 per day. Above, workers help sort paper ballots on Tuesday ahead of the start of the recount, which began Wednesday. Photo by Lucie Krisman.

At its meeting Thursday, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners approved $45,000 to pay stipends for workers helping with the hand recount of this month’s vote on a constitutional amendment on abortion. 

Why it matters: The compensation approved Thursday will go toward county employees who have been temporarily reassigned to the election office in the effort to count by hand 256,869 paper ballots cast on the Value Them Both amendment in the Aug. 2 primary. 

How it got here: Johnson County is one of nine Kansas counties undergoing a recount this week after anti-abortion activists campaigned and raised nearly $120,000, enough to match the Kansas Secretary of State office’s requirement to fund a partial recount.