Johnson County Commission paves way for new subdivision on 191st and Nall

At this week's meeting, Johnson County's Board of County Commissioners approved plans for a 40-acre residential subdivision on 191st Street and Nall Avenue, following revisions from the project's developers. Photo by Lucie Krisman.

The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners on Thursday unanimously approved plans for a new residential subdivision in southern Johnson County.

Where exactly: The “Estates of Shadow Woods” subdivision is planned for a 40-acre site on the northeast corner of West 191st Street and Nall Avenue.

  • Surrounding the site is a mix of low-density rural zoning and large-lot, single-family residential properties.

What’s coming: The planned subdivision includes four residential lots across 40 acres of land.

  • Each home would have 10 acres of land on its property.
  • The project scope also includes the building of an internal street, which would end in a cul-de-sac.

Here is an overview of the site:

Above, an aerial view of where the subdivision will be built. Map from Johnson County documents.

Bigger picture: Domino Acquisitions LLC., the applicant for the project, originally brought the item along with a rezoning request before the board June 30.

  • At the time, the board remanded the project to the Southeast Consolidated Zoning Board for further consideration in order  to give developers time to reach out to surrounding property owners and make revisions to the plan.

What’s different? Under the revised plan, the applicant opted to keep the land in its current zoning of Rural District instead of requesting a rezoning to Planned Rural District.

  • The revised plan reduces the number of lots in the subdivision from five to four.
  • The original plan also included another extension street called Rosewood Street, which connected to another lot north of the property — with the intention of access to future development on that property.
  • Under the new plan, Rosewood Street has been removed, and the subdivision only includes one internal street called West 188th Terrace.