Inside JCPRD: REDLINED – Award-winning exhibit now available in book form

The book version of REDLINED is available for purchase now in the Johnson County Museum Store.

By Dr. Mary McMurray, Museum Director

Just a few months into my role as Director of the Johnson County Museum, Andrew Gustafson, the museum’s curator of interpretation, came to me with an exhibit idea. The topic was redlining. As we talked through the scope of the exhibit and our approach, it became clear that the history of redlining is inextricably intertwined with the development of Johnson County. By examining the federal policy and the private practices that informed it, we could help our visitors better understand the history of our community, the region, and the nation. And that is the very purpose of our special exhibit gallery. It was decided. We had to do this. Andrew and I met with the museum’s exhibits committee and all members agreed. The “redlining exhibit” project was launched.