Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty: Happy Thanksgiving

As the week of Thanksgiving approaches, this quote resonates with me on a deep and personal level. The importance of having gratitude for what we already possess is no longer lost on me today. There was a time for many years that I was completely incapable of finding joy or appreciation for the people, possessions, or experiences in my life during the holidays. Yes, I was one of “those people.” The bah humbugs of the world who are generally repellant throughout the holiday season. I don’t remember exactly when a different tact was taken in my holiday outlook. I could attribute it to having children, more material success, more meaningful relationships, or a host of other possibilities. The truth is I had to look within to find true happiness and gratefulness for what I have.

For as long as I can remember my holiday season depression would begin around the middle of November when my birthday would arrive and last until January 2nd. I was grumpy, I was angry, and I was difficult to be around. I disliked Christmas music and all the festive absurdities. I would certainly be considered a grinch. As a side note, I still don’t enjoy Christmas music, but I believe its taste related not the byproduct of holiday season depression. For those of you who also have a hard time with the holidays and wish never to hear Johnny Mathis sing “White Christmas” on the 15th of November, here are a couple of things to consider.