Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and everything in between. The holidays arrive every year with double the speed of the previous. It is absolutely mind bending to consider we are about to close out another year with the celebrations of the season. Whether you are dressing in a Santa Claus costume for work or channeling the Grinch, this time of year represents the possibility of peace and love on Earth.

My relationship with this festive time of the year is complicated. However, watching my three beautiful and amazing kids gather around the tree to count their packages and discuss the probability of receiving the requested gifts from Santa always brings a smile. One would think the junior high school experience would cause the excitement to wane, yet it does not. As for us, the adults, we have more to consider, which often results in a more tempered level of enthusiasm. Just the thought of the credit card bill in January is cause enough for a constant amount of complaining regarding the holiday music, which starts during Halloween. My ability to be a Grinch is a direct result of my willingness or unwillingness to make it about others during this incredible time of the year. Consider this quote from the film The Polar Express, “Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.” The manifestation of that spirit reveals itself through doing for others.

At the end of each year, I scroll through the photos on my phone to review what took place over the previous 12 months, which seemed to pass in warp speed. I love looking back at the moments which brought me joy and gratitude, while knowing there are some not so great moments that are missing from the review. I lost a close friend to cancer. I watched people that I love struggle. I had my own challenges. Lastly, I didn’t get everything on my Christmas list. When I look at my year overall, I am filled with absolute appreciation for my life, family, friends, partners at Bash & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty and each of the moments which made up 2022. Do you realize there are 525,600 moments in a single year? I want to consider how many of those were wasted due to an inability to focus on what truly matters. My New Year’s resolution will be to make sure I am as present as often as I can be for each of those magical moments to unfold in a way that honors both myself and others involved. Being present is the greatest gift I can give.