Updates from Johnson County Community College: Develop valuable workplace skills with specialized English classes

With new course offerings this fall, JCCC’s English department helps students sharpen their writing, editing, revision and communication skills necessary for any career.

JCCC’s English Department courses help students become better communicators, professional writers and well-rounded readers – qualities that apply to all professions. Starting this fall, we’re introducing new English courses for local professionals wanting to expand their writing skills beyond the basics.

Convenient courses for the working professional

Clear, concise and professional communication is key to success in most careers. In fact, corporations like Google and Facebook are placing greater emphasis on these “soft skills” rather than just “hard skills” like technical knowledge and training.

Many of JCCC’s English courses meet a variety of needs to help working professionals enhance – or refresh – their skills and credentials. For increased flexibility, we’re offering new English courses for students to master highly sought-after skills, like targeted writing strategies and writing for emerging industry software.

As an added perk, students can apply to JCCC as “non-degree seeking,” signifying they want to enroll in classes for personal or professional benefit only. Non-degree seeking students take courses at JCCC to boost their skills without having to work toward an entire degree or attend college full time.

Introduction to Grant Writing

One of these new courses, Introduction to Grant Writing, introduces students who have never written a grant proposal to this genre that blends storytelling and technical writing.

A successful grant writer possesses many different skills, from effective written communication and research to project design and management. JCCC’s course covers those subjects and more. This course is accredited by the Grants Professional Certification Institute (GPCI) and helps prepare students for GPCI certification.

Special Topics: ChatGPT and the Future of Writing

Another new English course, ChatGPT and the Future of Writing, covers the incredibly rapid emergence of new AI-based writing technology that promises to revolutionize the workforce.

Students will achieve several objectives through this course, including mastering appropriate use of AI-writing technologies through hands-on assignments. Students will also identify AI-based uses within the history of writing and computing technologies, while wrestling with cutting-edge ethical, legal, philosophical and political questions.

Benefits of attending JCCC

In addition to receiving key workplace skills, there are multiple benefits of attending JCCC. For maximum flexibility, we offer classes that start as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 6 p.m. to fit any busy schedule. Additionally, students can choose from several class delivery formats, including face-to-face, online and online-hybrid, that accommodate all learning styles.

At JCCC, support services are available as soon as a student applies. Counselors provide information and advice on class schedules, deciding on a major, managing time and more. When it comes to homework help and test preparation, our state-of-the-art Academic Resource Center is a one-stop shop for free tutoring and specialized class assistance.

Take the next step

JCCC is proud to offer some of the most dynamic curriculum programs in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Let JCCC help refresh your skill set or enhance your resume with in-demand and modern coursework. Learn more about our specialized English department offerings and apply today.