What Leawood drivers can expect as Mission Road gets overhauled

Mission Road 127th Street

Leawood residents who live off Mission Road between 127th and 143rd streets can expect continued lane closures over the next month. Above, closures at 127th Street and Mission Road. Photo credit Lucie Krisman.

Residents who live off Mission Road in southern Leawood can expect continued lane closures along the busy roadway for the next several weeks.

A stretch of Mission between 127th and 143rd streets will experience continued closures as a result of ongoing street work.

Leawood Mission Road overhaul latest
Continued closures due to roadwork at 133rd Street and Mission Road. Photo credit Lucie Krisman.

Northbound traffic is shut down from 127th to 135th

  • Mission Road from 127th to 135th will remain closed to northbound traffic until the middle or end of August, the city says.
  • During this time, the road will be milled and overlaid with new asphalt.
  • A new pedestrian crossing beacon, known as a HAWK signal, will also be installed between 132nd and 133rd streets, in front of Mission Trail Elementary School.
  • Leawood Public Works department officials said installation on the new beacon will finish up in time for the start of the new school year in August — and 133rd Street should also be opened back up by that time, too.

Southbound traffic is closed from 135th to 143rd

  • Meanwhile, southbound traffic on this stretch of Mission Road will be detoured to Roe Avenue.
  • During the ongoing work, the roadway surface will be reconstructed — which officials estimate will wrap up by this winter.
  • Construction is focused on the east side of the road right now, but it will move to the west side either next week or the week of July 24.
  • Another new pedestrian crossing signal will be installed in front of Prairie Star Middle School at 142nd Street — which is also expected to be installed by the beginning of the school year.

The project as a whole is set to finish in 2024

  • The Mission Road overhaul project ultimately includes new asphalt, sidewalks and bike lanes along both sides of Mission Road.
  • It also will entail the addition of new lights, curbs and traffic signals.
  • The improvement project is costing the city roughly $7 million.

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