Updates from Johnson County Community College: JCCC introduces job shadowing, a new way to mentor prospective talent

JCCC’s new Job Shadowing Program connects enrolled students with career professionals for an explorative visit.

From exploring a passion to defining a profession, JCCC’s Career Development Center is dedicated to guiding students to a successful future. A team of friendly Success Coaches work with students to explore their internal drive, determine where they’re going in life and help them through the process of getting there.

To continue providing students with top-notch resources, JCCC’s Career Development Center has announced an innovative mentorship initiative to advance tomorrow’s job seekers—the JCCC Job Shadowing Program!

What is JCCC’s Job Shadowing Program?

JCCC’s personalized job shadowing experience is a free and effective way to build an organization’s relationship with the College and provide students unparalleled career development.

Job Shadowing Mentors offer a pivotal opportunity for currently enrolled JCCC students in good standing to engage in career exploration. In one visit, motivated students can discover the ins and outs of their desired industry from an expert.

What takes place during a job shadowing visit?

Every job shadowing experience is different, and Mentors can customize the visit to help each student make the most out of their career exploration process.

A job shadowing session lasts from two to four hours, depending on availability. Mentors can discuss their job, career path, education and industry. Oftentimes, Mentors will conduct a tour of the work environment and allow the student to observe daily tasks and responsibilities.

Toward the end of the experience, Mentors can suggest action steps, guide the student toward industry resources, suggest internships or other opportunities to gain experience and provide ideas for continuous learning. While not required, Mentors often keep in touch with students to offer ongoing mentorship through the exchange of contact information or a LinkedIn request.

Why become a mentor?

A 2021 study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found that students who explore and experience their career futures have lower levels of unemployment, earn higher wages and are happier in their careers.

Developing the skills of prospective talent is a rewarding experience, both for mentors and mentees.

“Job shadowing is mutually beneficial,” said Leslie Washington, Director of Career and Transfer Services. “Mentors strengthen their knowledge while advising their student and demonstrate their leadership skills as they expand their organization’s professional network. It’s a win-win!”

Impact the future workforce!

Become a Job Shadow Mentor and connect with talented JCCC students—you may meet your future employee!

Sign up for JCCC’s Job Shadow Mentoring Program in four easy steps:

  1. Register online.
  2. Once registered, create an account.
  3. Customize your settings, providing complete information along with your résumé for students to view.
  4. Get ready to mentor!