🥧 5 to Try: What are the best places for pie in Johnson County? Tell us your picks

Pies on display at Upper Crust Pie Bakery in downtown Overland Park. File photo.

We’re officially in the lead-up to Thanksgiving, that yearly cornucopia of gratefulness and good eating.

And it’s not just the turkey, the stuffing or the mashed potatoes we’re talking about.

Central to many of our Thanksgiving experiences is what comes after the main course. We’re talking about pie.

Pumpkin, pecan, apple, sweet potato, chess, lemon meringue … you get the idea.

Many readers, we’re sure, enjoy making their own pies, but if you’re not a home baker — or if you’re merely hankering for a pre-Thanksgiving pie preview — we want your recommendations for where to get the best pie in Johnson County this month.

Tell us the place you go and the slice you like to get.

Rye KC lemon meringue pie
A slice of lemon meringue from Rye in Leawood. Photo credit Juliana Garcia.

How to tell us your picks for best pie

We’ll take recommendations for this “5 to Try” through Thursday.

To send us your “5 to Try” suggestions this week and each week after this, you can:

Each Friday, we’ll publish our readers’ suggestions for what made it into our “5 to Try.”

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