Updates from Johnson County Community College: Build a strong base with Chemistry classes at JCCC

Chemistry is the study of matter and its properties and is essential to understanding the composition of the building blocks of life. Whether a student is dreaming of becoming a

Chemistry is the study of matter and its properties and is essential to understanding the composition of the building blocks of life. Whether a student is dreaming of becoming a chemist or looking to fulfill prerequisite science credits, JCCC’s state-of-the-art facilities, experienced professors and helpful resources will ensure they’re set up for success.

Understand the science behind JCCC Chemistry courses

JCCC offers students a variety of Chemistry classes that support interests at nearly every level. Throughout these courses, students learn scientific calculations, basic chemical concepts, foundations, theories and principles of chemistry, specific chemistry concepts and more.

Like all science-based disciplines, Chemistry also teaches students essential life skills, including how to:

  • Think critically and objectively about the world
  • Make informed decisions
  • Understand current events, especially relating to energy production, the environment and new technologies
  • Analyze real-time data from hands-on laboratory experiences

Why should students choose JCCC for Chemistry?

JCCC’s wide range of Chemistry classes meet the needs, interests and experiences of our students. From introductory chemistry to more advanced organic or biochemistry courses, many of our classes are offered in flexible formats – like face-to-face, online and hybrid – to best suit student’s schedules and needs.

Our Chemistry professors are experts in the field and bring years of extensive knowledge and experience. And with many of our courses, small class sizes mean students receive an elevated educational experience through personalized interactions with professors and classmates.

Transfer opportunities and career options

Students interested in a career in Chemistry can build a strong foundation at JCCC before transferring to pursue a science degree. Most JCCC Chemistry classes are approved by the Kansas Board of Regents to transfer to many four-year programs, including all Kansas public postsecondary institutions.

Students studying other majors might find chemistry interesting, as well. Chemistry concepts are used in a variety of industries, not just science-specific fields. For example, chemistry is used in medicine and allied health, pharmacy, chemical engineering, education, and agricultural and food science. Students studying fields other than Chemistry can earn their science and lab requirements at JCCC before transferring to further their education. JCCC Science Counselors are available to help students discover their career options and transfer opportunities.

State-of-the-art labs and resource areas

With the goal of providing state-of-the-art facilities for our students, crews are hard at work updating JCCC’s Classroom Laboratory Building and Science Building, which house our Chemistry labs and classes. An exciting part of this remodel is the addition of spaces dedicated to undergraduate research, which is a crucial component to STEM education.

Additionally, JCCC Chemistry students benefit from free tutoring, test preparation and homework help in JCCC’s Science Resource Center. The Center also provides study rooms and lab spaces, textbooks and solution manuals, scientific calculators and computer labs.

Take the next step

With our competitive per-hour tuition rates, students can get a jump start on their Chemistry career – or complete their prerequisite courses – at JCCC for a fraction of the cost of similar courses at a four-year institution. Learn more about our Chemistry program and the exciting opportunities that await.